About Your Place Therapy

Established in 2023 by Becky Wright, Your Place Therapy was born out of a passion to make high-quality mental health support and development more accessible to everyone.

After 20 years of working as an executive coach and business trainer, Becky retrained as a therapist and worked in the NHS and other therapist roles via agencies before setting up Your Place Therapy.

Your Place Therapy offers therapy and development tailored to your unique needs and we have a team of therapist, trainers and coaches who are ready to provide support. (Our Team Page is coming soon) 

It is our hope that Your Place Therapy supports you to flourish in Your Place.

Meet Becky


Hello, i’m Becky the founder of Your Place Therapy.

I am a therapist, coach, hypnotherapist and mental health trainer passionate about helping you to find Your Place in life, work and relationships.

After 20 years in corporate HR where I was a trainer and coach transforming businesses and individuals to reach their potential, I retrained as a therapist. Having worked in the NHS Talking Therapies (IAPT) and through an agency setting I have worked with a wide range of challenges from relationships to workplace anxiety, low self-esteem, low confidence, bereavement.

I am a BACP-qualified therapist. I have started advanced training in Relationships and Psychosexual therapy (COSRT). During this training, I will offer low-cost individual and couples+ therapy. Enquire for more information.

I am a member of BACP and NCPS


We will work together to understand what is happening and how to handle it now and in the future.

In our sessions, you will have a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental space to explore your thoughts, beliefs, behaviours, and emotions. As a therapist, I am friendly, empathetic, and supportive yet challenging in helping you achieve greater self-awareness, improved mental health, and enhanced overall quality of life.


  • Relationships – family, friends, intimate, work, self
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Work-place issues inc Bullying
  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Self-esteem
  • Anger
  • Bereavement
  • Cancer and diagnosis
  • Supporting others with Cancer and Diagnosis
  • Sex-related issues

If you are considering working with me, let’s have an initial chat and get to know each other. There is no charge for this, and it is a great opportunity to see if we are a good fit. The chat will take place by Zoom or phone. Use the form below to arrange this. 

The Your Place Team

We have a wonderful team of therapist’s, coaches, and trainers. Please  fill out the form below to arrange an exploration and initial chat. 

(Our team page is coming soon)

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